How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe


Pare your wardrobe down to 37 items


Wear nothing else but these items for the full season ( 3 months)


No shopping during this time


Think about the new pieces you plan on buying next season


Remember : ‘Less is more’

1 – If you want to do this properly you need to pull every item of clothing you own out and start categorizing them into piles of Jackets, Tops, Knitwear, Gym clothes etc…

You’re cheating if you don’t fully empty your wardrobe because you will not realize until you do this how many clothes you have and don’t wear.

Once everything is in the right pile you can now pick out the items you wear to death an match everything. Hang them in your wardrobe and you should already begin to see your style coming together.

The key questions you need to ask yourself here is… ‘do all of those items match?’ ‘Can they all be dressed up and down? If a random item sticks out and doesn’t blend in with the other items on the Capsule rail then you need to take it out and return it to the piles you made earlier.

For the remaining items you need to look at each one and ask yourself the following questions:

‘When did i last wear this?’

‘Am i only keeping it because i might fit into it again one day?’

‘Do i only love it because it’s sentimental?’

If you realize you haven’t worn it in forever but you really don’t want to get rid then you can make a ‘maybe’ box. When your box is full, store it somewhere out of the way and if you haven’t opened it in three months then you know all those items gotta go.

For the remaining items you can either sell, give to charity or throw away.

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 3.05.12 PM.png2: For the next three months you need to stay away from the shops, delete your shopping apps and unsubscribe from emails that send those tempting discount emails.

You have your capsule wardrobe, you’re less stressed, you’re saving money and you feel happier. You can last 3 months.

However… that’s not to say you can’t start planning for next season 😏

Getting your capsule wardrobe can take time to perfect, you may find out that you have way too many t-shirts and not enough jumpers so make notes of what is missing and what there is too much of and next season you can sell something current and buy something new.

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 3.04.57 PM.png3. You may find that 37 items is too many, you can make your own number but 37 should really be the maximum amount for a capsule wardrobe.

Keep in mind that this number does not include underwear, gym clothes, jewelry or pyjamas.

If you need to ask any questions feel free to shoot me a message, if not i will be back again next week with tips on how to sell your unwanted items.



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