How To Make Your Capsule Wardrobe Your Own

So in my previous blogs I have talked about how to clear out your wardrobe and why a capsule wardrobe is good, but I haven’t yet talked about how you can design it into your own style.

I think a lot of people assume that capsule wardrobes are boring and all look the same, which yes, in the magazines they do all look the same – but you don’t have to follow the exact guidelines, you can still have a capsule wardrobe and incorporate your own unique style into it.

Take me for example, I absolutely love the way Swedish girls dress. The way they pair leather with printed shirts and the way they wear chunky knitted sweaters with leather trousers and white sneakers. I also love how they hardly wear any makeup and just leave their hair loose and natural with some sun-kissed highlights round the front.

So that is how I have designed my capsule wardrobe. Here are my 5 steps into designing your own unique capsule wardrobe.

  • Find a Muse: The best way to do this is take screen shots off instagram and put together a style album in your phone. The two girls style I love on Instagram is Mathilde Goehler and Maja Darving so whenever I see an outfit I like I screen shot and keep for inspiration when it’s time to hit the shops. The reason this is good is because eventually you will notice that there will be something they wear over and over again and they base a lot of outfits on this piece. I noticed Mathilde kept wearing a dark green leather jacket, which I would never think to buy but I bought one and I literally wear it all the time, it’s one of my favourite pieces now. Having a muse is also handy when clearing out your wardrobe because you can ask yourself ‘would this go with so and so’s style?’ if its a no then you can get rid.
  • Consider your lifestyle. You need to decide what style your capsule wardrobe needs to accommodate. Are you going out most weekends? If so, you need to include enough heels and dresses into your wardrobe to fit your lifestyle. I actually don’t go out that often and tend to go straight to the gym from work so I base the majority of my wardrobe on casual items that I can dress up with heels when I do go out and obviously I have some killer dresses that I keep for best.
  • Pick a colour palette. When you did your wardrobe clear out you probably found that you were left with quite an obvious colour palette straight away. So you can continue to build on that. I would recommend that you keep within a neutral palette and bring in colour when you want to treat yourself to a seasonal piece. This way you will be able to coordinate everything consistently. I chose black, grey, white and navy as my palette.
  • Avoid Shoppers remorse and sell before you buy! Like I said in my first post… keep this little mantra in your head so that you can continue to build your perfect little wardrobe guilt free and also keep it neat and tidy. You can’t have a capsule wardrobe if items are constantly coming in and nothing is going out. I can’t recommend Depop enough for this. Tonight I found a couple of pieces I would quite like to buy but I know I will feel bad if i just go get them so I have added a bunch of items I am happy to lose in order to buy these items.
  • Beware of the bestie!! Shopping with your mates makes it so hard not to fall off the wagon, I went shopping the other day with my friend Laura, and she kept shoving gorgeous sparkly frilly dresses in my face saying ‘you’ll look amazing in this, try this on’ but you’ve got to be strong and think ‘how many times will I actually wear this?’ If it’s 3 or less then put it back, I can honestly say that I have never worn a statement dress more than 3 times and it always gets shoved to the back of my wardrobe. I ended up buying a trouser suit that day and i’ve been able to wear that on so many different occasions in different ways so I personally class that as an investment.


Hope this helps you with your next steps into creating your dream wardrobe. Any questions feel free to hit me up in the comments.






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