Style: It’s Not What You Wear… It’s How You Put It Together

Do you ever look at someone and wonder how they look so effortless and stylish? They must have a secret, right?

Well i’m about to tell you that it isn’t about the expensive clothes they are wearing, the fact they are skinner or more tanned than you.

The reason these people never go wrong is because they live by a few simple style rules and if you learn to do the same you’ll never have a bad dressed day in your life.

  1. Get onto Tailoring: Bite the bullet and just get yourself a well fitted tailored trouser suit. I’d go for black first. These cheap ones are no good, if it’s not tailored properly you may as well just go out in your trackies. (remember – you can sell before you buy) The beauty of the trouser suit is you can wear it as a full suit or split it over different outfits. My suit is probably one of my most worn items. Remember the fit is key though.
    Suit: Zara Woman, Boots: Pubic Desire


  2. Be a basic bitch: Think clean cuts, a set colour palette and little branding. Like the french say ‘ You see the woman, then you see the clothes’ you’re clothes should compliment you, not over power you.
  3. Find your fashion formula: Imagine you’ve got 60 seconds to throw something together, can you do it? If not then it’s likely you’re wardrobe is over cluttered. If I had a last minute dinner to get ready for – I know instantly that i’ve got my little black dress, my leather jacket, nude stilettos and leather bag i can just chuck on – no stress. Find you’re formula and watch your life become ten times easier.
  4. Buy less, Spend more: The key point here is to have a smaller wardrobe with more expensive pieces. So for example, My bag. I spent £300 on my Zadig et Voltaire bag but I literally wear it everyday. If you can’t justify £300 on a bag then why don’t you think about how many bags you have bought for £50, £60, £70 that have lasted 2 minutes? Invest in the right piece and you’ll save space and money in the long run.

    Bag: Sunny bag by Zadig et Voltaire
  5. Sprinkle some slay on top: You need to find something personal to you that really makes you’re outfit shine and enhance your style. It could be some jewelry, sunglasses a statement bag or your watch. I always wear my fine rose gold ring and bracelet by Daisy London and i never take them off. Another thing i do is layering, i love to put hoodies on under trench coats and leather jackets I love the laid-back chill look of it.

Have fun trying out these tips – Once you have your fashion formula ready i’d love to hear it so please let me know how you are styling yourself in the comments.





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