I Bet I Can Make YSL Cheaper Than Your Latest Asos Order…

It may take me and my pals 20 mins to work out how to split the bill at lunch but nothing turns me into Isaac Newton quicker than a shopping trip…

One way to dodge shoppers remorse is to swot up on CPW – ‘Cost per wear’ Basically, if you’ve ever found yourself justifying an expensive purchase with ‘yeah, but i’ll wear it everyday’ then here is how you can elaborate on that…

Lets take a quality pair of everyday earrings that cost say, £70. If you wear those 200 times in a year then it costs you 35p per wear. Suddenly, that pair from Topshop for £8 which go green after 5 wears end up costing you £1.60 per wear. Lets take this a step further and assume that you want to get the 195 days of wear out of the Topshop earrings, you would need to spend a further £312 for 39 more pairs of the same ‘cheap’ earrings to do this – Shocking right?

I’d like to say now that i’m not telling you this so that you can use it as an excuse to buy expensive, unnecessary items and not feel bad about it. It should be used for certain pieces which work with your personal Fashion Formula. Not your entire wardrobe.

I believe that everybody should have a few expensive statement pieces in their wardrobe. Things that will never go out of fashion such as a good quality leather jacket, a blazer or a bag. This is because you can wear things like this everyday, they go with everything and eventually, if they are good quality they will pay for themselves.

If you are trying to be careful with money I would not suggest spending a lot of money on a ‘seasonal’ piece of clothing because with fashion constantly changing it’s highly unlikely you will continue to wear things like this for a long time.

Here are some items I have that I class as essentials. Remember this is what works for my fashion formula – you may find that you prioritize other items as your statement pieces.



Take a look at your wardrobe and think about the things you wear the most. If they were cheap and are starting to look a bit tatty then maybe you could consider investing in a better quality version of it. Do you own a lot of expensive pieces you rarely wear? Maybe you could try selling them on Depop  and use the money to pay for less items you will get a lot of wear out of.

I’d love to hear what items you wear the most so let me know in the comments.




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