How To Dress For Confidence

‘While clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong effect on her self-confidence – which, I believe, does make the woman’ – Mary Kay Ash

It’s an old fashioned saying we’ve heard over and over again but it’s true. What you’re wearing and how you feel wearing it can have a massive impact on your work and day to day life.

We are all guilty of recreating outfits or looks that our idols have worn to these fancy red carpet events for our next night out… I’ll admit that I bought a dress a few weeks ago like one Kim Kardashian wore and planned on wearing it for my works christmas party. Did I end up wearing it? No. It didn’t look like it did on her and that made me feel bad about myself. It made me feel like i wasn’t good enough. Not only did I waste my money but I knocked my own confidence by trying to dress for a body that i’ll never have. If I had chosen something bearing in mind my shape i’d probably have felt just as good as Kim Kardashian felt herself in a completely different dress. You wouldn’t put a samsung phone cover on an iphone would you? Its the same with a dress and a woman….

Here’s some tips i’ve scraped together on dressing for confidence…

1.I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again… Buy a suit! You won’t realize until you have one how many different ways you can wear it. It’s like the pasta of the food world- it goes with everything! Something about tailoring just gives off that cool girl confident vibe in an instant – You can find tailoring on the high street but you’ve got to have a good eye. Look for slight padding in the shoulders, properly stitched hems and make sure that the waist nips in to show the curve of your back. #MajorKey

2.You may like the dress but do you like the way it makes you feel? Ever been in town on an evening and spotted those groups of girls dressed up to the nines and at the back there’s usually a couple of them lagging behind pulling their tight mini dress back down as it rides up with every step they take. Then some of them will be linking arms because they can’t walk in their uncomfortable heels? Would it not be better to just buy a longer dress and a different style of shoe so you can focus on having fun rather than feeling over exposed or fearing an ankle break all night? I’ve been that girl before, I used to wear tiny dresses and feel really uncomfortable because I have quite muscular legs at the top which I don’t really like – but I do have a have a tiny waist so now i choose dresses that instead emphasize that, skim my legs, bum and stop just above the knee. I think thats far sexier than a tiny dress. You shouldn’t feel like you need to have everything out to show you’re a woman. Stop under dressing and start being the girl at the front.

3.Find something special to invest in that makes you feel amazing each time you wear it. The word investment always gives off the impression that you need to spend thousands on something. That’s not what i mean – trust me if i could spend thousands on something I wouldn’t be living off noodles right now! I mean just spend a little more than you usually would but pick something that instantly pulls your outfit together. Use your head to figure out how it will last you a long time. My ‘investment’ was my Zadig et Voltaire bag. I needed a new bag, I wanted a black Chloe Bag but it was way out of my budget. I looked around and found my Sunny bag for £300. I love it, I wear it every day, it’s real leather, it still looks brand new after a year and it goes with everything and always will. I actually checked online and the prices have now almost doubled for the same bag. I wouldn’t be able to afford one now so its worth it to do a bit of research and use your head before you impulse buy.

Basically, don’t dress to meet the current trends or to be like your best friend who is your total body opposite. Work out what you love about your body and work with that. Your confidence will follow naturally.

Keep slaying,

Holliver xx




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